12 Must Know Key Facts about Life


Life can be treacherous, and at times, we might end up with the unexpected surprises.  Through our journey in life, we face challenges that reveal the unpleasant side of life. However, when you learn the lessons these challenges teach, life humbly reveals its best side you never thought existed.

In my opinion, most times, life brings the total opposite of our desires, but in reality that is the best shortcut in disguise. As they say, if life gives you lemons you have to make lemonade. That is how things work.

To stay alert when the opportunity knocks, you must be prepared to see the best amidst chaos the life throws you in, or else, you will easily despair.

It is certainly true that life is abundant. That undisputable fact may be apparent to you, or perhaps not. However, it is also a fact that you can’t stumble upon abundance in life unless you have clues on how to go about it. This article unveils key facts that can facilitate your search for abundance in life.

These facts are sobering but help to knock some sense into your head on what you should focus on.

The facts are succinctly explained.  However, the key points here merit further discussion, and they will be linked to other articles as the relevant materials become available.  To get to the subject, here are few facts you need to understand about life:

1.       To advance in life, a change is not an option but a necessity
A change, if accommodated with a positive mindset, is always an ingredient that improves the quality of life. A life that resists change can’t reap the best from the world. Change prepares the necessary environment to cope with what is in the process of becoming.

It is a fact that, change is inevitable when the time is right. That is how it has been for generations. To advance, you must accept and smoothly accommodate changes in life.  As it was brilliantly observed by John F. Kennedy – “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

With our fast changing world, change is common and the transition is almost seamless, this can be unnerving to those who love a rigid way of life. It’s good to accommodate change, for it always leads to something positive, even if that may not be apparent at the time it takes place.

2.       A successful life is a collection of failures
Life teaches us in strange ways. Throughout history, never has a great life walked the earth without challenges and failures. That’s the nature’s way of teaching the best lessons.

You must learn from all challenges, failures and obstacles, otherwise you will keep failing until you heed the very lessons it teaches you. In the book Your Inner Child is Calling I remarked Life is envious but just. I once shared my dreams with life, it threw me obstacles instead. However, after following the lessons it taught me, I ended with more than I asked for. That was one of the episodes I learnt the hard way but reaped the meager benefits of persisting through mounting challenges.

It is improbable to comprehend for many but the fact remains – whenever you seem to advance, life throws you challenges as if it acts against your will. However, through persisting to your desires and learning the lessons, you finally get what you deserve, not necessarily, what you want. In my opinion, most times, life gives you more than you expect in proportion to the efforts you put forth.

If you have not failed then you have not lived, summarizes a life worth living.

3.       Your Mind Is Key To Leading Your Life
The mind is the most precious possession at your disposal. It is the most powerful machine yet the most vulnerable. It can help you through life or destroy your life at large. How your life turns out depends entirely on your mind. The mind, through conscious and unconscious awareness, leads you through life. If you correctly nurture it, you get the best out of life; otherwise, it becomes the source of all miseries in your life.

It is crucial to mention that, the mind processes thoughts. The best part is, your thoughts are within your full control. If you improve the quality of your thoughts, you improve the quality of your life. Buddha observed, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” 

You are what you think, is a cliché that summarizes it all.

To improve your life, you must replace the unproductive patterns or habits with the productive and effective habits. This shift must start with a change of your mindset. Literally, that refers to a change of your dominant thoughts. The book Your Inner Child is Calling covers this subject in details. However, for the benefit of my readers, I prepare a separate series on this. I will upload it in few days to come.

4.       Your Life Only Improves When You Improve
You seldom see your life improve if you don’t take initiatives. In fact, that goes against the laws of nature. There is a law of cause and effect that states – Every effect has a specific and predictable cause. That law applies to your life as well.

However, don’t take that lightly. Most people think of improving the quality of their lives superficially from the outside. They want to gain everything first before they care to improve themselves. That may work but its effects are not lasting.

Trying to change the outside world doesn’t lead to solid impacts on your life. The best change starts with yourself. If you improve, then everything around you improves. Your inner improvements propagate to the outside world.

Changing oneself is the best ingredient to ensure lasting and effective changes.  These improvements may be ways of thinking, behaviors, habits and many more aspects as a human being that finally contribute to a progressive life and mind.

5.       You Decide Your Level Of Success
It is a fact that life gives us what we deserve, that is if we put efforts to get it done efficiently. Sometimes we ask for less but depending on the efforts, we end up with more than expected. At times, we ask for more and put little or no efforts towards achieving our goals, and the outcome is less than expected.

Your actions always determine the outcomes, most of the times.

In all cases, what we get is the outcome of our efforts, whether direct or indirect towards achieving what we desire in life. However, there is a misconception that life can improve without having a clear purpose on how to lead it. That is false, and if you do not take deliberate efforts to define what you want, you may get it by luck – but certainly you will never get it at all.

Unless you understand that your deliberate efforts lead to results, your life won’t see much improvements. Your constant action in daily routine accounts for the outcomes. Whatever you do or not dictates how your life improves or stagnates. Your efficiency in meeting your routine determines how efficient and faster you accomplish your goals.

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