12 Must Know Key Facts about Life

6.       Opportunities Are Only Available To Those Who Are Prepared
Life is abundant and so are the opportunities. To notice a lucrative opportunity takes the right mind that is prepared to seize and get the best out of it.

There are plenty of worthwhile opportunities around you. To have a clear understanding you must have an idea of what you want. Sad enough, most people find it uneasy to think long and hard to clarify their convictions. Rather, they take the easy way out, which normally puts them in the receiving and competitive ends than initiative and creative ends of their lives.

Long-term perspectives are elevators to success. In the book Your Inner Child is Calling, I elaborated this point in detail. Opportunities become clearer with the long-term perspectives in life. The further in life you focus the more apparent opportunities become. This is due to the fact that you are more focused on what is important in a long-term that helps expanding your horizon and fix your concentration on the short-term goals which have major impacts on your life in long-term.

When you are clear about what you want in life, you emphasize efficiency in all you do to ensure lasting impacts and avoid quick gratifications that do not have any impacts on your life in long-terms. That way, you will be selective to opportunities which align with your desires, which ultimately bring you closer to your outcomes – that is preparedness.

7.       Anything Is Possible When You Believe
Belief is the most difficult part of achieving goals in life. Belief is a source of positive emotions and enthusiasm that gives you enough energy to persist until the end. Otherwise, the patience will fail you and in time of challenges, you will opt the easy way out and quit.

To persist is a hard task but worth the price. Nothing meaningful in life comes without extra efforts. It is true that you will face obstacles, challenges, and failures; so what? Is your desire bigger than these challenges and failures? If yes, then you can easily endure the hardships. Otherwise, you will dismally fail and give up.

However, you cannot get anything if you hold negative beliefs towards it. This applies to relationships, finances, career advance, and many other areas of your life. If you harbor negative beliefs pertaining to your desires they raise doubts, fear, and negative feelings, finally you give up. Your beliefs are more powerful and hence dictate your decisions in your life. To be impartial in all cases, you must analyze and purge all your wrong beliefs before embarking on any of your desires.

8.       The Reality Does Not Always Reflect The Truth
You seldom see the naked truth in the world, sometimes your ego and inner beliefs gets on the way. Every one possesses some beliefs embedded deep in the minds. These beliefs are filters of reality that tell whether the thought you hold pertaining to a situation or a person is either positive or negative, regardless of the truth. For that particular moment, the only truth is what you perceive depending on your beliefs and in turn, you will look for proof to support your beliefs and may not necessarily be the truth.

Situations are always neutral but the attitude – emotions and feelings – pertaining to it classifies it as either positive or negative.

To gain more from circumstances, and people it is a good idea if you understand yourself better. This will be a good way to know your strengths and weaknesses that may help you adjust to circumstances and situations to create favorable conditions to prosper in life.

If your feelings are skewed towards the negative and you are prejudiced against others, you are unlikely to cooperate with certain people. This may decrease your chances towards your desired ends and make you unpopular among others.

9.   Dreams Are Crucial To Improve The Quality Of Your Life
There are three fundamental steps to achieve anything in life:

  1. Dream
  2. Plan
  3. Work towards achieving it

You cannot achieve anything you do not know. That is a fact. To know what you want, you must think long and hard about it. Your desire must first come alive in the mind before it manifests in the physical world. If you have not thought clearly over an idea, how can you even be able to notice it or plan it to its smallest details?

Take a simple example; have you ever tried to find something that you have no idea how it looks? Can you really be effective in locating it? I bet not, you might see it but fail to recognize it.  That is simply because your mind does not know what you are looking for. Unless you have a few details to make you form a mental picture in your mind, you won’t find it.

Unfortunately, most people go through life that way. They don’t know what they want, even when the best chances appear before them, they hardly notice because they have no idea what they want.

Dreaming is the process of creating a mental picture of what you want. The mental picture in the mind helps to shape the desire into reality. That is how all the creativity in the world comes about. To change your life, decide what you want and think of it in every single minor detail. Otherwise, you will not know how to use the best resources right next to you.

If you do not plan your life, chances are, you dreams will not mature. Planning and dreaming are worlds apart. If you don’t plan, you waste precious time doing trivial stuff that don’t contribute to your overall progress. That way, you see little or no improvements in your life.

Once you dream and plan, then you must execute your plan in the most efficient ways. This requires self-discipline of hard work and persistence. Without self-discipline, your dreams will never see the light of day.

10.   What You Think is What You Get
Life is all that happens in the mind and not so much about what happens on the outside world. The more attention and focus you give to a situation, the more it intensifies. You must be careful because this bites on both sides – it can do both good and harm into your life. The more you lament about your problems the more difficult life becomes.  The more you focus on your blessings the more prosperous life becomes. It is as if, the more you dwell on a particular situation, the more you attract similar circumstances toward you.

This is the core duty of the Subconscious mind. The subject is fully covered in the book Your Inner Child is Calling. However, this merits a discussion and an article will be uploaded to give you highlights on the important facts. If you need to live a normal balanced life, you must adhere to the harmonious relationship between your outer and inner world. These two worlds are controlled by the two different sets of minds, called the Conscious and the Subconscious minds.

11.   Happiness Is Priceless But Never Free
Happiness is our ultimate pursuit in whatever we do in life. There is a saying that goes; the key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true. True happiness comes when knowing that life advances and you are becoming all that you can possibly want.

In the book, Your Inner Child is Calling, I wrote: To pursue the life with a purpose, you must dream and bring it to reality. Let your dream inspire you to set goals and make plans to achieve it. It is worth noting that, happiness, our grand pursuit in life, does not come cheap but earned through efficiently accomplishing day-to-day tasks. Ultimately, life comes down to the uttermost satisfaction from knowing that you are contributing to advancing your life and those of others through a daily routine. That is what we call true happiness.

12.   The Little You Know Is Enough To Change Your Life
Up until now, you have acquired so many wonderful ideas that can change your life for the best. Then, do all that you know can lead to positive impacts in your life, don’t take them as mere knowledge. It is better doing first what you know before embarking on other ideas. What can change your life is nothing you don’t know yet, but what you know for sure and still ignore.

Knowledge becomes power through organization and use. If you do not take the initiative to tie your desires with your actions, how will you accomplish it?

You are the key player. You must initiate. It requires efforts on your side or else it remains a mere knowledge with no power to improve your life. Referring back to the law of cause of effect, “Every effect has a specific and predictable cause.” That little you know must be enough to stir a change for the better, but first you must put it in practise.

Do what you already know; it is probably the very thing to change your life.

There you have the 12 facts that can change your life if you adhere to. Bookmark this page and come back often, more links will be added to elaborate these facts in details.

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