9 reasons why should you think like a CEO

Life is your core business, and you must run it. Most of us simply ignore that fact, instead we choose to focus on other things while our own lives disintegrate. It is a sad fact that without our own active participation in creating our own lives, what we aim at achieving is never gonna see the light of day. How often do you put blame on other people? How often do you see problems in everyone else around you but yourself? How often do you expect others to help you through your goals while you do nothing?

Well, to succeed, you must know that you are accountable for your own life, and nobody else can do anything about it. You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your own life, and you must act accordingly.

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I have long pondered on this question. Finally, I realized that, each individual life is more like a business but most of us  are simply unaware and take things for granted while we are quick to blame our mistakes on other people. You must understand that, you, like all of us, are the CEO in your own life, and you must be accountable for whatever transpires in it.

Imagine, in everyday living – you have to convince others. You help and advice others through their goals.  You help others grow and find their true cause in life. You face challenges and learn from them. You seek advice from other professionals to improve the quality of your decisions. At times, you take initiatives to better the lives of others, and in turn, your life improves.

What does that mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, it means one thing – you have the power to make ultimate decisions on what goes on in your life – who comes in, what is done, and what is left out. These roles are similar to those of  a CEO running a big company, only in an individual scale. If that’s apparent to you, then you must acquire the CEO-like mindset to run your own business – and that is your life. Otherwise, true progress is nearly impossible.

How you lead your life accounts for its quality. The quality of your life determines how happy you become. You must understand that, happiness is the product of knowing that your life is in continuous progress towards what you want, no matter how slow. But in reality, people are simply anything but accountable. To lead your life well, you must be accountable. Be accountable for your happiness, be accountable for your own progress, be accountable to whatever comes your way. If you acquire that mindset, then you are the CEO.

As the CEO, you have the task of being director, decision maker, leader, manager, and executor of everything in your life. You also have the responsibility of setting the image of your own life to the outside world, choose goals to lead and execute them on daily basis.

It is ideal to think like a CEO of your own life. With such kind of thinking there is much more to gain than losing. Here are a few points that will realize this idea.

1. Your life is your business and you should run it.

If you are responsible for your own life, then you will not take it for granted. As the CEO, you have the top mandate to your life and that includes the knowledge of how it turns out in a long run. You must know the price and value of everything you do and every choice you make because they are determinant on how your life turns out in the end.

2. You become more responsible for your own life

The most crucial part of being responsible with your life is to decide where it goes. This is not a simple and easy decision. Deciding what leads our lives, to most people, is probably one of the most difficult part in life, yet the most underrated. If you want to climb the ladder of success fast and easy, you must have a long-term plan for your life. This ensures that you are aware of everything that you do in the meantime that has to lead you to success. Long-term plans always lead to a better life, and as the CEO, you must know that already.

3. You’ll ensure efficiency in accomplishing goals

As a CEO, you have the mandate to oversee your life, see what works and what does not. This enables you to allocate necessary resources that lead to improved efficiency in achieving your goals. In return, progress ensues.

The most crucial resource you have to manage efficiently is your own time. It is free but priceless. It is a non-renewable resource that determine how productive you are in your own life.

4. You become better at seizing opportunities

A part of being the CEO is to seize all the possible opportunities that come your way. This means, you must weigh and see how to turn the opportunities before you into a valuable means that thrusts your life to success. With such a mindset, you will always look for opportunities out of everything you do. In the end, you train your mind to seize the best opportunities that come your way and create what you want in life – that is your role as the CEO.

5. You acquire a broader and higher perspective in life

You are more than your setbacks, problems, and challenges in life. If you look at your problems and magnify them, you will definitely end up disappointed and quickly give up. In the book, Your Inner Child Is Calling it says, “Life throws us what we can handle, but overestimating the challenge and underestimating our abilities results to getting less than what life had previously planned.” Having a CEO-like mindset means you look at your life’s problems from a higher perspective, that way

  • All problems seem short-term and never really obstacles
  • You learn from your challenges and failures
  • Ultimately, you look for the best in each challenge and failure that contributes to your ultimate success

When you look at problems from the higher perspective, you become the master and they have no power to break you. That way, you have the final decision on what is to be done to get your life back on track. You can always consult other people who know better when the need arise. A CEO knows that it takes other people’s contributions to get things done because acting alone makes a small setback seem like an insurmountable problem.

6. You prioritize your life

Prioritization is focusing on what you want and removing attention from what is less important in your life. This is crucial because what you choose to focus on is what determines your future. As the CEO to your own life, your crucial decision is to look for opportunities that will lead the company according to the vision and let other distractions pass you by.

If you choose one pursuit, you choose to ignore others. If you choose to engage into one particular interest, you choose to ignore the rest. In this way you will:

  • Spend time looking for what matters to you and create your own plans in the process
  • You’ll seek advice from people who can help you succeed in meeting your goals
  • You’ll carefully choose what is important to take your precious time. That includes people and opportunities that do not suit you or your pursuit in life.

7. You handle failures more constructively

It is undeniable fact that life is full of challenges. When faced with some difficulties, only those who are willing to skillfully navigate the rough seas finally reach the shores. To live a life of your choosing, you must know how to turn failures to your own advantage. Instead of lamenting and dreading, you must face and seize whatever opportunity presented with such failure. That way, you will understand how everything in your life conspires for your ultimate success, especially the ones disguised in form of failures.

As the CEO, you must know how to absorb the shock of failures. If you handle it well, then you will make better decisions concerning your life especially knowing that risks are necessary to make you grow and failures are part of life. Failure can either make you or break you, that is your choice. If you are responsible for your life, you won’t risk to trade your life with failures, but you’ll use them to propel you to prosperity. That is having a proactive mind towards your own failures in life.

8. Every day is an opportunity to learn

Life is a continuous lesson, and you must learn every day. To be current and in possession of the required skills to determine where your life goes,  you must have the most recent knowledge on how to meet your goals.  You must improve and become better with time. You must beware of what goes on around you. To stay alert you have to be clear of the changes that come with time. That way you learn every day and that is the best way to progress.

9. It is an opportunity to help others

It is often said; when you are able to deal with personal suffering, you can then begin to deal with the suffering of others. If you aren’t able to solve your own problems, how can you even be able to look into other’s problems? Being responsible for your own life gives you a rare chance to help others. You can’t advice others to do what you have never tried to accomplish before. The best way to teach others is by inspiring them through your own actions. Likewise, your experience will serve to improve the quality of your decision and that can benefit those who seek advice from you.

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