Are You That Credible?

“Credibility is like virginity. Once you lose it, you can never get it back.”

Credibility is everything in life, especially if you want to earn respect and trust of the people around you, which, I suppose, is the need for everyone in this life. You always need people in life – career, health, education, personal, and professional lives. To influence these people, you must be credible.

Simply put, credibility rules, everywhere.

You can see how credibility matters in real life scenarios. Take an example of  business and politics. In my opinion, these two share a common trait – they both use credibility as a leverage. Guess what? It works like a charm.

Business establishes credibility via its brands and eventually leverages the credibility to generate profit. Once the brand is credible enough, people associate it with trust and keep coming in large numbers. There will be no such thing as shortage of customers.

Politician builds credibility and later leverages it to run for the office and ultimately win the election. It is the credibility that builds trust, which is crucial to gain an influencing power over the majority.

Credibility Is Earned

Credibility is never free but earned. You have to work hard to get it. None can give you credibility but it’s gradually built with your deliberate actions towards collective contributions into the lives of others.

Ultimately, you don’t decide how credible you are, it’s others who decide your credibility. Credibility is precious and priceless because it’s something you cannot give, but it’s what you receive as the outcome of your conscious efforts and dedication to serving others with integrity, honesty and truth.

Here’s what I believe when it comes to credibility: You can only be credible once you promise and over deliver.

Most of us do the contrary – we over-promise and under-deliver or not deliver at all. That destroys credibility. It ruins image and kills your future chances to gain trust and influence over others.

Why Credibility matters?

In the past post on 9 reasons why should you think like a CEO, I gave out several reasons why you need to consciously lead your life. One of the reasons I pointed out is that, you need to convince and influence others to your point of view. Surprising enough, it happens more often than not.

This may sound an easy thing but ultimately credibility is what makes this process easier.

Credibility makes you convincing and believable. 

In order to get along and succeed in life, you have to establish a level of influence in others’ decision, and that is done by credibility. If you are trusted, and you have built that in the minds of others, why should you fail to impress? Your need is to influence people and not compel them to your point of view. You must speak and convince them but let them decide on their own, don’t coerce them, don’t force them.

That is to say,

  • Credibility is the power to influence.
  • Credibility brings profit to our lives

How to gain credibility

As it has been constantly repeated above, credibility is crucial. Now, how do you build credibility and leverage it to success in life?

  • Promise and deliver

Be a person of your words. Promise and over-deliver. Provide the superior quality for everything that bears your name.

  • Integrity

You must be a person of your words. Be truthful, loyal and entertain what is right. Build the image of a person who’s surrounded with honesty and truth.

  • Creativity

Everyone upholds creativity. It’s what thrusts our lives ahead fast. The ability to be creative gives you the upper hand to gain others’ trust and admiration.

 Are you that credible?

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