GOALS: Why we need them and what you must know before having one

Goals are the starting point for attaining anything worthwhile in life. We always plan, consciously or not, but we always have something in our minds to look forward to. Our minds need well defined plans to get things done. To stay alive and happy, we must always make things happen.

If you don’t plan for success then you plan for failure.  In the absence of concrete goals, the mind gathers whatever thoughts and ideas available and lead to their manifestation. Still wonder why you are so stressed and depressed all the time? Think again.

Remember, even procrastination can become a goal. And it is the case for some people.

I can clearly divide my life in two phases – a phase with goals and a phase without goals. As I picture my life without goals, I see a lot of disturbing patterns – distractions, giving up, procrastination, sadness, and failures. However, when I analyse the life with purpose and goals I see other patterns – achievement, success, hope, happiness, determination, and many more good things.

It’s certain that everyone wants to live a privileged life. But privileges don’t spring, mushroom like, from nothing. One must define and follow through a list of goals that are important to achieve in life. Having a definite aim fuels the power and drive towards attainment of privileges and success in life.

Goals are essential to lead a meaningful life. Goal setting is an art, you get better with practice. If you can’t get it right at first, don’t despair, there’s always a room to improve.

However, there’s a difference between setting a goal and achieving it. Here are the factors which account for the differences:

Does it support or hinder your major objective?


Ask yourself, what do you wan’t to become in life? What do you want to achieve? What’s the most precious thing to you in life? What’s your major purpose in life?

Whatever it is, that should be your major objective. That should become your lighthouse. All other goals must lead you closer to it or else you get lost.

When setting a goal, ask yourself, does this complement or hinder my major objective? If the answer is Yes, then go for it. If the answer is No, you must reconsider. Remember, your happiness and hopes each day depends on how closer you move towards attaining your major goal in life.

Will everyone benefit from this?

As human beings we’re connected to others. Our goals have major chances of survival if its success bring more life to many others. That is what makes this world a better place everyday.

Now, when defining a goal, ask how beneficial is it to others? How do others gain from your goal?

You can achieve any goal in life. But you achieve goals more easily with the support of other people. Life favors those who are willing to take others with them in the path to a more and abundant life. Selfish goals aimed at depriving and robbing others lead to dismal failures.

Can I emotionally commit myself to start and finish this project?

What good is a goal if it’s not compelling? What good is a goal if it can’t motivate you to its attainment?

Some goals are naturally achieved and they seem effortless. These are the goals which mature in the mind before we even start on them. I remember in the course of writing my book. I had it written on my mind before I even started it, the results? Well, it is here. Even though it was the first time to write, I was so much convinced that it must come to life and I did it. I committed myself and it was achieved.

See yourself achieving the goal in your mind. If it’s not possible to see it come to life in your mind, then you’ll never achieve it. Seeing the goal coming to life on your  mind makes you capable to weather any storm that may come ahead of you.

Is it realistic?

We are humans, we have limits in terms of what we can achieve, at least at first. A baby cannot start walking during his first day of life. That’s unrealistic.

That’s the same case with our goals. Sometimes when we realize that goal can be achieved, we simply set very big goals at first. That’s well and good but when the goal is too big for your stretch, it ceases to be a goal and becomes an obstacle towards your growth.

You need a motivator not a depressant.

Choose your goals wisely. Be realistic. Start small and improve with time. You can make it if you are patient enough.

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