How to compete and succeed in life

It’s an indisputable fact that competition is the best way to get ahead fast in life. In fact, we are where we are today due to competition. Whenever you compete, you want to be better than your rivals – and that ensures constant progress.

Competition is simply the best way to bring the best out of us. However, to be the best at competing, you need to understand the rules of the game, otherwise you are doomed to failure in the first place.

When it comes to your life, the rules of competition are turned upside down.

I see how people compare their lives – who’s got the best career. Who’s got the most money. Who’s the most beautiful. Who’s got the best car. Who’s got the best future and many more.  That’s competition, but is that how your life should be led?

I am still of the opinion that to move ahead fast in life, competition is inevitable. Moreover, whenever you compete, you must compare with your rivals, that’s how you measure yourself against them, but first you must learn the rules of the game.

You can only compete with yourself


“Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people.” ― David Sarnoff

Yes, it’s absolutely right, the only person you can compete with in life is you – and nobody else. Sounds easy huh? Trust me, it’s much tougher than you might think.

When you compare with others, especially those you perceive to be less accomplished than you, there’s a sense of satisfaction, which can lead to complacency on your side. However,  when it comes to comparing with yourself,  complacency is not an option, because with simple lax, you are beaten.

Competing with others is like in the above image, comparing apple and orange, which is better? It’s simply a relative comparison that leads nowhere.

Real progress comes when you improve with time. Ask yourself these questions

    • Is my life today better than yesterday?
    • Am I more disciplined today than yesterday?
    • Am I better suited to accomplish bigger goals today than yesterday?
    • Am I more focused today than yesterday?
    • Do I learn and improve from the past mistakes?

Remember, your progress isn’t measured against anyone else than yourself. Today is a happier day if you achieve goals worth your time and see progress towards your goals, not so much because you are more successful than other people.

Simply put, you must be better than yesterday, and aiming for tomorrow to be much better than today – that’s an increasing life.

Others don’t really matter

In life, there are always people above you and others below you. You always feel better by comparing with people below you and feel terrible when comparing with those above you. However, that comparison is simply nonsensical because:

      • Your life is special and unique, can’t be compared
      • The comparison is superficial and has no logical meaning
      • Others have different goals and choices in life, you can’t simply compete with them
      • Those below you can be happier than you because they might have chosen that life

When you compare with others, this is what happens:

      • You disorient and lose focus on your important goals and end up copying others
      • You feel hopelessly adrift in life without certainty of what you aim to achieve
      • You are never satisfied because you go for superficial wants and not desires
      • You won’t find true happiness even if your life is better than all other people around you
      • You’ll never be able to help others in need because you feel they’ll be more successful than you

You are the Creator

You aren’t here to compete with other people. You are here to cooperate with others to create something that is bigger and better than what could have been achieved individually. That’s the purpose of life – more for all and less for none.

If you are a competitor, then you risk losing much more than what you could have gained by being a creator of your own life while in the process helping others find paths to their own freedom in life.

Life is friendly to your plans, and everyone else is there to help you achieve goals. Competition isn’t the way to lead your life, instead be the creator.

Final Thoughts

Being better than yesterday is positive grow. What you are today is the result of yesterday. As yesterday determines today, so is today determining tomorrow.

In life, the noblest thing is to be better than your present self – improve to become the ideal you. People are never the same. We are all different. We have different ambitions and goals. We face different challenges. We have different visions. We make different goals. We have strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

Most importantly, life is not a challenge but a choice. You cannot compete with anyone else but yourself. You cannot win anyone but yourself. Avoid comparing your life with those of others. Your life is unique; avoid copying from others because you are destroying the originality of its being.

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