How I Get Time To Accomplish My Goals


Recently, just after I finished the first draft of my book, I decided to talk to friends and share my ideas about it. Surprising enough, one question was reccuring in all the conversations, how do you make the time to write all these stuff?

In all cases, I simply smiled and said, I simply have time to write, I love writing.

Then, when I was alone in solitude, I pondered on that question. I figured that I never really gave them the correct answer – and it’s because I didn’t have it at the time.

I started analyzing what I was doing most of the times – research, work, and studies. Then I asked, where do I get the time to write? Why do I always seem to have time to write despite my busy schedule?

Well this is the reason for this post – to share with you the secrets of allocating more time and getting to do most of your goals while maintaining your performance and living your normal life to the fullest.

Is You Passionate Strong Enough?

In the movie Sister Act 2, Whoopi Goldberg quoted Rilke saying, “lf when you wake up in the morning you can think of nothing but writing…then you’re a writer.” Surprising enough, that’s exactly what I do.

Every morning, when I just open my eyes, my mind thinks of nothing but writing. My day has to start with writing, even if it’s one paragraph, but I must write. Likewise, before I retire to bed at night, I get to refresh when I end the day with writing – and that is passion.

However, that habit didn’t come overnight. I remember struggling during the first days. But my passion for writing was stronger than the pain of disappointments and learning.  Once I fixed my mind into writing, I could always make time to write. In fact, this is how I get to do all the other duties. I fix my mind, find a passion and they become a hobby, not a job.

So why do some people get time accomplish their goals while others succumb to distractions? The answer is right within you – It’s passion. If you are passionate about what you do, you don’t need to worry, you’ll always make time.

If you are truly passionate about something, you’ll always have time to do it. We feel good doing what we are passionate about because doing it brings us happiness, fun and joy. And we love doing what brings us fun and joy in life 🙂 .

So my first advice to you if you want to get things done without feeling of struggle is, develop passion in what you, then everything will naturally come to place. Passion can make you things you never thought you were capable of.

Think More Do Less

Thinking is one of the best things you can do in life because when you think, you send your mind to search for solutions.

Just think. When you have spare time, just think – think of your goal. Think of it into its smallest details. Think of the ways to simplify the attainment your goals – there’s always a simple way towards your goals and thinking can lead you there.

In my case, thinking brings worthy ideas – it makes writing more fun and simple. Thinking helps to churn out ideas and cut down the time when you begin the actual work.

For instance, sometimes when I had an idea crossing my mind, I would jot it down and start playing with it on my mind. It turned out that, the more I thought of it is the more it was clear that I had more things to say about it. When it was time to write, ideas simply came fast and easy.

Use Your own Time Efficiently

Everyone has 24 hours in a day and we use it however we see fit. But time is the most precious thing we have. The only way you could allocate more time to your goals is to prioritize and take action without allowing distractions to hold you back.

Make use of your free time and do simple and small stuff that collectively lead towards your major goal.

If you want to make more time, here are few ways I use when writing:

  • Wake up early

For me this is the best option. I’m an early riser, I love starting my day at 5am. I am very active and my mind does most of best thinking during the early hours of the day.

Normally, I wake up around 5am. I spend 10 minutes preparing, then I get straight to reading or writing anything that comes to mind. All days that start at 5 am are the best, I get more time and enegry throughout the day.

  •  Staying Up late

With the tendency to wake up early, I have to sleep early at night, but at times it’s hard to sleep when the mind keeps bringing me some worhty ideas. In such occasions, I stay up late and write as long as I can. The night times are quiet, even if you have a family around, this can be the best moment too to work. Use your night time.

  •  Squeeze the time

How do you use your waiting time at the bus stand? train stadion? Bank queues? Traffic on the road? Waiting for food at the restaurant? Well, these may be short moments but they collectively lead to a very productive moments when you use them wisely. Personally, I use these moments to generate ideas, read a few lines in the book and chew them over.

Surprising enoug, I have generated most ideas for my writing in these areas – at the station waiting for a bus or train. At the queue in the restaurant. When walking in the park and others. As I suggested above, thinking can be done anywhere, with the help of my phone, I can simply jot down ideas and incorporate them into my journal later.

Well, there you have them,  few tricks I use to make more time for my important goals. I hope they will help you get your goals done as well.

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