How one goal a day changed my life


I love experimenting on different goals and ideas to find the ones which suit me best. I am of the opinion that, people always stick or persist pursuing the goals and implementing ideas that are passionate about. I suggest you try, because it’s fun.

I set different goals to cover my whole life – career, relationships, finance, education, health, personal development, and other areas.

With several experiments, I aimed at discovering that one goal which motivated me the most to take action, regardless of my emotions.

However, due to busy schedules, I occasionally tend to hold some of the activities and goals and pursue others which demand a little bit of more time.

With this trend I noticed a very interesting fact – there’s one goal in particular that I can’t afford to lose sight of. This is the goal that brings the day to life and springs other goals into action. That goal is waking up early, 5 am to be exact.

This is one of the personal development goals I have pursued for as long as I could remember and it has so far stood the test of time and become one of the major motivating factors towards growth and success in my life.

Whenever I lose focus of this goal for longer periods, I get disoriented and everything else falls apart. I lose focus. I get distracted. I succumb into falsehood and find myself lost in the pursuit of my dreams.

I have found that this goal liberates me because it gives me the following important things:

It Builds Motivation

My secret to staying motivated the whole day through is knowing that I am advancing every day towards the person I intend to become, no matter how slow. Stating my day at 5 am gives me that fighting chance.

Those early hours of the day are powerful to build a sense of being on time with the whole world around me. I can then start my day with confidence.

It Adds Value

Time is a crucial factor for me. This one goal allocates me more time in a very unique way as I get very organized when I wake up early and do most things on time. In the end, it allows me a lot of free time to accomplish other mundane and routine activities.

With the ability to wake up early I can:

      • Get time to read books, almost daily. That allows me to nourish my knowledge
      • Get time to write almost daily. That allows me to cultivate nes skills
      • Get more time to participate into other activities that help me grow consciously

It Facilitates Other Goals

This one goal makes other goals come to life. For instance, most times after waking up, I work out. That takes me from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is enough to release enough endorphins for the day – stay happy and motivated. After a bath, I begin with the most important goal of the day. A good example is this post, it was the first to be done after I woke up early in a day.

I have observed that being an early riser makes me gain the following:

      • My day is more organized
      • I am more active and alert the whole day through
      • I have plenty of time to accomplish my goals
      • I stay focused and motivated
      • I sleep well at night

This is one goal that changed my life. Had it not been for this very goal, this blog wouldn’t have existed, I wouldn’t have written a book, I wouldn’t have been sharing with you these empowering ideas. It’s all because of this simple goal that I manage to do all these.

I believe there’s one goal that holds a meaning in your life as well. Please share your views with me, I would really love to hear from you.

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