How you handle failures determines your happiness

“In life, there is no something for nothing – everything has a price tag. The higher you aim, the more you pay. To attain what you desire, life places obstacles and challenges on the way. After you successfully face challenges and learn the precious lessons, life gives what is rightfully yours.” – Colin Mtita, Your Inner Child Is Calling.

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life hence common to all humans. The most important thing in life is keeping the happiness amidst failures whilst in pursuit of something meaningful. Life devoid of happiness is empty and meaningless. This article discusses ways to approach failures and keep your normal state of happiness, which is necessary to lead a meaningful life.

Success is euphoric. However momentary, success brings that feeling of eternal bliss, which is the ultimate happiness there is. What else brings such kind of satisfaction and happiness than knowing what once seemed an insurmountable challenge is no longer an obstacle to you? There’s nothing as satisfying as knowing you are becoming what was previously a mere dream.

But is it really the outcome or what you have been through that matters in the end?

In my opinion, the process is much more important than the end result. Don Williams Jr put it, “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

It’s true that what we attain in the end isn’t as precious as what we learn through the process. As we slowly move towards our goals, if we are keen enough to learn in the process, we build a solid foundation that can make us succeed in anything else in life. However, this process isn’t automatic but deliberate. It takes conscious decision to  learn from your failures and keep the lessons for a lifetime.

Here are few things to consider about failure that strip it off its negative effects:

Failure Is Not the End Result

Some people see the end of the world when facing a failure, for them, failure is a sign of their doomsday. They are paralyzed by it and can even go insane. but does it have to be that way? Is failure so obnoxious that it must be repelled with all possible forces? It doesn’t have to be.

People who see failures as the final outcome of their botched plans don’t bother to find a way out of it. And the matter of fact, when you see failure as the end, your wishes become true. It overpowers you because you give in easily. When you only see obstacles, that’s what you will always face in your life. In this case, a simple change of mindset brings about a major change in your life towards happiness.

How you perceive a failure determines whether you lead your life towards happiness or misery. If you see failure as a process towards your goal, happiness ensues. On the contrary, if you see failure as the end of everything, nothing comes to life, hence misery ensues.

You must understand that a failure, no matter big or small, is a stage that brings you closer to your goals. Failure shows that your goal is still in incubation state and yet to reach maturity. Don’t quit, instead, learn from it. Failure will unveil most of the flaws in your original plans. Plans are never perfect, so don’t rely on your own insticts. A failure serves to redirect you to better paths towards your goals.

Remember, things always get tougher before getting so much better. When amidst adversity, hold on a bit longer, because you might be in the verge of a major breakthrough.

Failure Molds You Into A Tough Character

Your ultimate success doesn’t bring as much euphoric effect as how you envision your journey that led you there. Surmounting the challenges is victorious. Simple victories toughens the spirit of persistence. Sometimes when the going gets so tough, your still inner voice whisphers about those previous simple victories – keep pressing, it will be okay, keep pressing and soon it will give in. That persistence determines how happy you stay while in pursuit of your goals in life.

The beauty of all this is, if you always pick yourself up and move on despite the temporary defeats you end up building a character which has assurance against failure. In the end, life becomes more rewarding. Habituate to persist in adversity – the harder you are hit and persist, the more you reap.

Failure Determines Your Ultimate Success

Nothing worthwhile comes without failing on it, sometimes the failure is so bad and painful, but your desire to the goal must hold you to it. If you try so hard to avoid failures instead of focusing on how to succeed, you increase the chances of failures and risk the chances of never even progressing in the first place.

How you respond to failures determines how far you will go into achieving it. Success comes when you are sure of what you want and you aren’t afraid of getting it at all costs, that includes failures in countless attempts.  The best example is Thomas Edison who failed ten thousand times before he successfully came up with the working model of a light-bulb – something that most people in the modern world take for granted.

Know that, your failures determine how far you will succeed. The more you fail is the more you need to learn before you break through. To reduce the occurence of failures, pay attention and learn what each setback brings you. Within no time you’ll have solved most problems you deemed impossible, and you’d have none than your failures to thank for it.

Failure Is The Measure of Strength in Life

How you handle failures determine the quality of your life. Ultimately, the quality of your life determines your happiness and success.

Ultimately, happiness in life comes down to how you face your own challenges and failures. It has everything to do with how much you are able to maintain your status quo despite countless setbacks you face. That is the ultimate reason why most people, though very successful, still succumb to sadness. Likewise, others, while still in struggle for that ultimate freedom, are coping well with their happy life.

Your life is a collective status of your individual separate lives. That includes career, finances and relationships – both personal and professional. The sum of all these determine how happy and successful you become.

How you manage issues in one area of your life has direct effects on other areas as well. How you handle your career issues affects your personal relationships, whether positively or negatively. How you handle your personal relationships determines how productive you are at your career. In case of any catastrophic failures, and lack to absorb it proactively, you risk to let the effect propagate and affect your whole life.

Ask yourself, do failures break or build you? Do you accommodate changes to give failures a room to grow you or you remain rigid and fail to see the better way even when change is inevitable?

Sometimes a failure means the change is imminent and inevitable and you must adhere to that call.

Failure Isn’t Personal, Take it easy

“Whichever the cause, a failure should not be an obstacle but an opportunity to learn. The difference between people who are successful and those who are not is the persistence when they encounter a failure. Successful people take a failure as a challenge, learn from it, and move on, while others see the end of the world and quickly give up.” – Colin Mtita, Your Inner Child Is Calling

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t take failures too seriously. You must understand that failures are part of an increasing life. The life that pursues a bigger meaning than what it currently is. When you seek growth, then nature has its ways of teaching you important lessons. If you refrain from learning the lesson, then you hinder your chances of ever getting the best part of life.

Imagine anyone who plays a game and takes failures very personal. They never win. This is because they lose focus on the game and avoid risks of losing. They avoid making wrong moves. They avoid taking risks. In turn they either fail or never make progress. If you want to win, then put your mind and eyes on the game and focus on learning to defeat your adversary. It’s the same in life. Focus on getting things done, learn from your failures, but never take them personal, because that way you avoid the nature to mold you well.

Dirt Off Your Shoulder and Move On

Failures will happen, that is inevitable in your path to success. If you chose a path in life that brings you neither failures nor challenges, then reconsider that path whether it leads anywhere worthwhile. For anything worthy, there must be some resistances – that is how nature works. If that happens, and I guaranteed you that it will in so many occasions, focus on what you must learn, heed the lessons, and focus on getting things done. Never lament, never quit, never hold yourself down, just keep marching. Freedom is priceless but never free. You must pay the price to find the freedom in your own life, and that price is what you do to face your own failures.

An African proverb goes – however long the night, the dawn will break. Keep persisting, keep your happiness, life is meant to be fun, failure are there to teach us, don’t put too much attention to what you can’t change. Focus on getting things done.

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