If you’re going through hell, keep going

going-through-hellIT’S a proven fact that we grow more during times of change and challenges than when we stay in our comfort zones. These extraordinary circumstances make us stretch as we solve problems and cater for our needs. However, most of us detest change, dislike challenges, and bury our heads in the sand when facing obstacles in life, hoping they’ll mysteriously disappear. But they seldom do.

I often wonder, why do we void change? Why do we hate challenges? Why do we run from obstacles in life even when that’s the best way life could polish our skills, strengthen our minds and bring us the quality and standards of lives we have always wanted?

It’s somewhat unusual conduct for someone who wants to improve, right? Is there any logic behind these unusual characters as humans?

Certainly, there’s a logic behind and the answer is simple – we are not logical, we are emotional beings. In face of hardships, the logical side shuts down and the emotional side dominates. As a result, we become very inquisitive, deeply hurt and, oftentimes, we want to understand the meaning behind everything that transpires in our lives. We end up taking too much time pondering on why we go through such trying times while others seem to have the best of everything in life.

As humans, our lives are marked with alternating cycles – happiness and sadness, prosperity and hardships. This is crucial so that life can be interesting. A constant dose of anything in life turns out to be boring, happiness included. A continuous episode of happiness turns to be rather banal and ceases to be happiness. Sometimes, we need to lose it so that we appreciate when it comes back. You see, life’s perfect the way it is – with the combination of varying emotions of sadness and happiness.

It’s surprising how most people wouldn’t question why they are happy while others are in constant hardships. We rarely question when things are going well for us. But when the tables turn, the whining commence. We even forget that we had gone through a privileged episode of happiness.

We’re hardwired to want the pleasure and detest the pain. That’s fair enough. But pleasure doesn’t contribute to our growth, it hardly brings any significant changes. We certainly grow more during the challenging and painful episodes compared to the happy ones, though both are necessary to make life interesting.

It’s important to understand that, no matter what happens, hold on and keep going. In life, things always work out for the best. Some of the mundane occurences in our daily lives can’t easily make sense to us, but with time everything conspires to create the perfect image that define our lives.

The most important thing is that, don’t fuss too much and try to understand the meaning behind every mundane occurence in life. Sometimes we are faced with circumstances without any alternatives, but we still dread to take action. We question, why me? Still no answers come to mind. We waste a great deal of time. Finally, even the small window of opportunity passes us by and problems escalate.

Remember, it’s not so much about what happens to us. It’s the meaning we attach to the occurences and events in our lives that define the severity of what faces us. When you are too pessimistic, the whole world seem to have deserted you.

When you are optimistic, you may try to see the light at the end of your tribulations.

Winston Churchill once said, If you are going through hell, keep going. Don’t take a pause or ask why you are there. Just keep marching. You certainly don’t catch a break when you are facing hardships. You are at war and any moment lost is a big loss on your side.

There are numerous paths to the destination, some require going through hell and back. Just savor every moment in life. Plan your future but live in the present. Face challenges. Embrace change and stay flexible. Let tomorrow take care of itself and make the most of your time today. That’s how you get the most out of life while you still build your future.

Most of all, remember the only right time to connect the dots is when you are past that phase in life. You can’t evaluate the journey when you aren’t sure where you are. Go to the end and start evaluating it.

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