Just remove weeds in your life

I grew up in a society that depended mostly on agriculture for a living. In fact, agriculture was the nation’s backbone during our socialist era. It was a part and parcel of our lives both at home and school.

I still have a lot of memories, but the most valuable lesson I got from the people who grew crops is that, among other things, they periodically remove weeds. Weeds, if left to grow, suffocate crops as they constantly fight for nutrients, sun light, and food. Guess what? Weeds always win the battle.

Our lives are just the same. For our most important goals to mature, we must constantly remove weeds. If you aim to lead a more meaningful life, then you must remove anything that hinders you from achiving it. Otherwise they will suck all the life and energy out of you.

In life, weed is anything that has a negative influence over your life – negativities, addictions, bad choices, pessimism, unproductive relationships, and others. These things deny you time to focus on the major goals in life, instead you succumb to distractions.

Like weed, these negative influences are always there, they keep growing and it’s your job to take action and ensure they don’t take the leading role in your life.

Mind you, those negative influences have much more powerful effects in your life than you could ever imagine. Your addictions are slowly leading you astray, when you become aware, it’s too late to for any remedy. Your negativities attract bad choices that pile up to suffocate you and deepen you into more negativities, in the end, you lock yourself in a vicious circle of uncessary misery.

When you remove these distractions in your life, you are left with only few choices. You’ll eventually have enough time to follow through your goals without any hurry or distractions.

Choose Who You Associate With

During my lifetime I have had different friends in each stage of my life. I had very good friends during all stages of my education and career.

Childhood friends are the best, I never imagined having any other friends than these. It was always me and them. We were inseparable. Surprising enough, they weren’t part of my friends in the secondary school. Even those of secondary school weren’t part of my friends in high school. The same was for college and career. But life still goes on, as happy as I always imagined it would.

It’s a fact that, friends come and go, and that’s okay. Each person we meet has a role to play in our lives. So far, life has played part in choosing which friends you kept and which you let go, but now it’s your turn. Remember, one of the most important life decisions you’ll ever make is choosing who you share most of your time with.

Do you hang around the right people? Are you afraid to detach from some people because of what they would say or think?

Well, don’t feel bad to choose people to be around with. Choosing people means choosing the kind of life to lead.

Did you know that your life is an average of those people you spend most your time with?

Well, it is. You are influenced by the ideas of others. You learn from others, everytime. Whether you like it or not, that’s the fact. If so, then why not choose to associate with people that improve your life?

If you can’t make better choices of who’s going to be around you, then you aren’t really running your life. As the CEO of your life, you should choose who you hire and who you fire. Your decision is critical.

Are your Choices Worth it?

Ask yourself this question – Are my current state of affairs supporting or contraditing my long term goals?

If what you do now contradicts your long term goals, then find the best way possible to detach from it. That is, even if your current life depends on it, just find a way to get rid of it – otherwise you’ll not move ahead. Remember, a change is not simple but the results are worth it. If you need to be a different person, you must learn to detach from the things which don’t add in your life.

In the recent past, I took time and analyzed my future. It was not an easy task but in the process I asked myself these few questions:

  • How do I really want my life to be in 10 years?
  • How is my present state of affairs contributing to my future?
  • Is there anything that I devote so much of my time in the present but hinders me from reaching my goals?
  • How can I improve my situation and move closer to my goals?

These questions gave me a perspective. Thinking in long term gave me a clarity over my future  life. I had imagined what I wanted to become. I saw most things changing and one of them was my career. I needed a career shift – immediately, my job seemed as a big obstacle towards my goals – so I quit my job and focused most of my time on attending my future goals.

Quitting the job wasn’t an easy choice to make, but I still had to do it. In fact, my whole future depended on that decision. My job served me well for a period of six years. It taught me a lot and I am grateful for such a chance in life. But it was the time to move on and face other challenges and open my mind to other opportunities in the world – and there are plenty.

You see, not everything we eliminate in our lives are bad, some times we eliminate even the good ones that have no longer a role to play in our lives. Let your conscience lead you the right path.

If anything steals your time but it doesn’t add anything towards your goals, then detach from it. Time is the most important resource you need to reach your goals. At some point you have to let go of all the distractions. Cut yourself loose from anything that doesn’t make you grow. The more time you have for your important goals, the better are your chances at achieving them.

Consider your time. Think of your ambitions. Think of your future. Think of all things you want to do. Are you where you want to be in life? If yes, then don’t worry about changing. Your life is just perfect. However, if you aren’t where you want to be in life, then a change is inevitable for you. Detach from anything that doesn’t add to your life and make more time for your goals.

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