Life is happier when you expect less

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” – Alexander Pope

We always have expectations in life. Some are real and some are blown out of proportions. One thing is clear – our expectations define our levels of happiness in life. The more we expect, the less happy we are likely to be, and vice versa is true.

In my opinion, expectation is when we search for external means to fill the emptiness within us. As a result, we search in all other places but within us. We look in all wrong places but the right place – that’s inside us. That’s why true happiness always elude us.

Happiness comes without too much expectations

It’s true that the less expectations you have when embarking on any goal, the less likely you’ll get disappointed with the outcomes.

I have learnt that high expectations bring, for a brief moment, a state of happiness and bliss. However, when these expectations go unmet, they become the very sources of sadness and pain.

Expectation is no less harmful that being a perfectionist, only that you expect more from others and do less to make the reality happen.

You are your own worst enemy. If you can learn to stop expecting impossible perfection, in yourself and others, you may find the happiness that has always eluded you.” – Lisa Kleypas

Stop expecting, take action

Stop expecting others to do things for you. Stop expecting things to happen without action on your part. Instead, take action to make things happen.

For instance, if you have too much expectations in your relationships, you’ll expect others to do more for you while you enjoy the benefits. You’ll less likely think of others. Likewise, you’ll expect all your actions to be reciprocated – that leads to sadness if your expectations aren’t met.

Start Giving, don’t expect in return

In my opinion, you should set expectations on what you can do, not what you can receive. Expecting to give is easy – giving is within your reach.

However, expecting to receive is a lot more complicated. We don’t always receive what we expect, or at least not in a way we expected it.

You are capable of giving – love, support, courage, hope and so much more.

Stop expecting love, share it first.

Stop expecting people to look for a friend in you – instead, initiate and be friendly.

Stop expecting help, instead, offer generously – offer your sincere help. Offer your time to help.

Stop expecting the world to offer you what you want, start working for it.

Stop expecting life to get better without your deliberate actions, start improving yourself and it will get better.

Life is happier when you stop expecting and start taking simple steps towards what you want, who you want to be and what you want to have. They always say – happiness is progress. True progress comes when you stop expecting and start acting towards your aims.

When you  give don’t expect in return. Not everyone can give back. In fact, not everything can be easily reciprocated. Simply give without expecting in return.

Be Grateful

Gratitude brings you in harmony with yourself. Being grateful means appreciating what you have.

Wanting what we don’t have or what is out of reach leads to unhappiness.

To be happier – improve your reality. Lower your expectations of the external world. Don’t be a slave to your appetites or wants. Be grateful for what’s within you and what you possess. Most of all, love what you have.

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