MOTIVATION: Replenishing when it wanes

Oftentimes I ask myself, is it necessary to be motivated to get things done?  The answers vary but more often than not I find myself saying NO. Motivation isn’t always necessary, but it’s good if it’s in your favor.

However, for most of us motivation is key to love what we do.

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It’s a fact that motivation is a catalyst to getting things done faster, more precisely, and with efficiency. People who are motivated seem to accomplish their tasks effortlessly.

But here’s a catch, motivation isn’t there to stay, it wanes with time, and that’s normal.

We can’t count on being motivated before getting things done. We must do the necessary to acquire what we need in life. If we wait for motivation, then we’ll always procrastinate our lives away.

What a waste of life that is!

Successful people are characterized with a constant drive. They always do the necessary, never waiting for motivation to kick in. The constant push generates results, which in turn generate more motivation. That’s like replenishing the very source of motivation, which is the positive outcomes.

That’s how you keep motivation going forever because you are no longer a slave to your emotions and results keep adding more to it.

Nothing motivates more than positive outcomes, I bet you agree.

This article gives two ways to replenish your stock of motivation regardless of how you feel and keep getting results.

1. Stay Organized

I am always curious about my patterns. Patterns can say a lot about your behavior and can easily predict what you are most likely to do in the future. Thus, I keep studying my behaviors to discover what needs improvement and I change accordingly as I need to become better with time.

One thing I discovered in all productive patterns was that, I was very organized.

To be motivated, get organized! That’s the first rule, you can’t stay motivated when you are disorganized. Disorganization means you aren’t sure what you are doing. You only stay motivated when you are sure of what to do next.

Most of us are so distracted with unnecessary goals that keep stealing our attention from the main goals. Our attention span is hardly long, coupled with stupid distractions we end up doing little or nothing out of our 24 hours. Simply put, what we focus on mostly don’t add anything to our lives.

However, if we are properly organized, it’s easy to spot whether we’re heading for success or disaster.

Accomplishing simple tasks generates huge motivation to engage the next day. This motivation feeds on its own energy – just like the hurricane, in turn you become motivated to move ahead.

We are always searching for an increase in life. Anything that makes you a better person than the present self is good enough – stay organized.

2. Just keep working

It’s better to be in constant motion than to stand still, for the one in motion, no matter how slow, keep moving towards the target. Regardless of what happens, make sure you keep moving. Keep doing what you must do. That will in turn generate motivation. But don’t wait for motivation.

It’s surprising how a person who’s not motivated can boost the motivation by doing trivial tasks or any activity that frees the mind e.g.  gossiping. Remember, it’s only one day that matters to you. When it’s time to work, keep working. Pleasure and trivialities have their own times.

Good life is only for those who keep doing what they must do whenever they have to do them. For such people, there’ll come a day when they will do things they want to do whenever they feel like doing. That’s how life wants us to live, everyday.

We can’t expect to enjoy life if we don’t give our best. Certainly we can’t expect to give our best if we wait for motivation. Life is hard. It’s even harder for people who wait for motivation to start working on their life’s goals and purposes.

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