Personal excellence, the elevator to success


“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” – Vince Lombardi

Do you aim to accomplish greatness in your life? Do you aim to live the life of your dreams?

Well, if you answer yes to any of the questions above, then you are definitely not alone. I am on the same pursuit because I strongly believe that aiming for greatness is the noblest thing to do in life.

I also believe that practicing personal excellence is the best possible way to achieve whatever you want or become whomever you dream in life. There are no obstacles big enough to hinder you from achieving your desires when practicing excellence.

This article is part of personal excellence series. This first part highlights why practicing personal excellence is the best way to improve your life. The second part discusses 7 effective habits for achieving personal excellence, and the third part shows how to practice excellence and get the best out of your life.

This article walks you through the various ways that personal excellence positively influences your life.

But before we get there, let us see what personal excellence is.

Personal excellence is about achieving greatness in all that you do. It involves doing your best and not settling for anything less than what you are capable of achieving. Simply said, it is the fast track to success.

Life is a miracle; that is how I perceive it. With that thinking, I reap the best by leading a happier and fulfilling life every day. I find that each new day merits something more different and better than yesterday. Living in that fashion demands continual growth with something bigger to achieve.

To arouse your thinking, try to find answers to these questions:

  • Have you given a purpose to your life?
  • Do you have long-term goals in life?
  • How often do you plan your days, weeks, or months?
  • Do you prioritize tasks in daily routine?
  • Do you procrastinate?
  • Is your level of self-discipline enough to let you achieve your goals?
  • Do you practice saving as a habit?
  • Do you take care of your health?
  • Are you trustworthy?
  • Are you a person of integrity?
  • Are you aware of your weaknesses and strength?
  • Is persistence one of your strong characters?

Most of the questions above are merely daily routines and point to different areas of your life. That means you must practice excellence in all area of your life – career, relationships, finances, health, and others. That way, you will see lasting positive changes in your life.

Perhaps you are already practicing excellence, or perhaps you want to start practicing it. Either way, excellence is the best way to gain more from your conscious efforts.

To be excellent, you must practice excellence in all that you do. That is how the habits ingrain in you.

You may probably wonder why excellence is so crucial to determine success in your life. Here are a few reasons.

1.       The best way to build a positive character towards life

Pursuing personal excellence is the noblest aspiration for anyone who needs to live a full life with the highest potential. Excellence entails among other things, building a strong character that shapes thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions towards one, others and circumstances in life.

With personal excellence, you aim at achieving the best of your abilities, with such a spirit, you continually build a character that eventually ingrains in you. That builds confidence to embark on desires, face challenges, and get the desired results. Ultimately, you become greater than any challenges that come your way.

2.       It is the best possible highway to financial freedom

It is a plain fact that the world cares only about what you can give it – your skills. Skills equal money, respect, recognition, and life. Being competent with specialized skills means people come to seek advice and service from you. That is how abundance flows your way.

If you efficiently use your skills to help people, then you are well on the highway to success. Excellence stands out from the crowd, when you do your duty well, people will come in multitude. Look at the people you admire. They are simple, ordinary and possess skills that probably you also possess. The difference is in practicing what they know; they stand out from the rest. You can do it too if you practice excellence, that is what makes you unique among the crowd.

3.       The ultimate way to solve all problems

To practice personal excellence, self-discipline is a prerequisite. With a good level of self-discipline, you are able to shred addiction, laziness, procrastination, and most other problems into pieces unmatched by any other means there is.

As you practice excellence, your level of self-esteem rises that leads to detachment from the unproductive patterns and attach to more productive patterns and effective habits. That way you build a mindset that is resistant to addiction. Eventually, effective habits become your second nature and you no longer strain to practice excellence.

To be effective in eliminating most of your life’s problems, you must start with building your inner strength. That is the root and cause. That is when self-discipline comes in. Your inner self is the foundation for everything in your life – both solutions and problems. You must purge all weaknesses, false beliefs and build effective habits. That is how you get to build productive patterns in your life, be it career, relationships, finances or others.

4.       It opens doors to more lucrative opportunities

Personal excellence is about continual growth, that way you constantly build a reputation in your career. Finally, you become an expert in your own endeavor. To be recognizable by your positive traits in a career is the best way to acquire lucrative opportunities that come your way.

Best opportunities go to the best. That is a proven fact, you can see it for yourself. Imagine, we continually look for the best in our everyday lives – excellent advocates, excellent doctors, excellent teachers, excellent schools, excellent cuisines, and many others. Don’t you want to be among the excellent? That is the best way to seize lucrative opportunities.

5.       It is the path to your dream life

Life is a miracle but success is not. To succeed in life, you must know how to get there. You cannot arrive at a destination by chance, that is a fantasy. You must know that your deliberate efforts define your success.

Practicing personal excellence means being aware of what you want and work to achieve it. In the process, you define the life you want to live. You define how it should be when it is a masterpiece. That way, you are consciously creating your own reality.

That way you define what you want and set goals to attain it.

6.       You toughen the character by facing challenges

You do not reach the level of excellence you desire overnight. It takes time and determination. In the process, you build a character with the right attitude that is determined to weather all the challenges and get whatever you desire.

To life a full life with fulfillment of your dreams, excellence is not an option but a necessity. Embarking on personal excellence is choosing right path towards improvement and growth as an individual that ensures you achieve greatness in all that you set forth to accomplish.

7.       Self-actualization

Practicing excellence means you are able to become whomever you dream and accomplish what you want within the realm of your imagination. Such is the most rewarding thing in life.  That is the highest state of self when you take honest pride in your own achievements. You can genuinely love yourself and willingly contribute to elevate others to success.

8.       Building sense of self-responsibility

We have the free will to live and choose what we want out of life. However, that fact is not apparent to others. Some people see only difficulties in life. It is true there are occasional difficulties, but they take no initiatives to build their own lives. They expect help, luck, favors, and copying from what others do. That is the lousy way to lead a life. Nothing worthwhile comes to you without working for it.

One of the inherent traits among the excellent is taking responsibility on whatever goes on in their lives. The act of being responsible means you decide what to do, plan your life, and make it happen.

When you practice personal excellence, you create your own way to whatever you aim at achieving. That way you stop being a follower and create your own path to life. You never wait for favors, luck, favorable circumstances, or the right time. You do everything in the present, because the time is right.

9.       The best way to contribute back to the society

You hardly ever give back to the society if you have nothing to show for it. Practicing personal excellence is enough inspiration to many around you. Imagine all the excellent people you look up to and admire their deeds. That is not idolizing  but because they deserve it.

They inspire you without even taking time to convince you. That is how we, as human beings, are impressed with excellence. That has been since the beginning of time. We are attracted with excellence.

Excellent characters count and are simply timeless. Imagine people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Julius Nyerere, Napoleon Hill, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, and many more you can add on the list. These are ordinary people with common traits among which is thinking far beyond the reach of many. That is what excellence is about. Their great stories are revelations of their unique characters and pour inspirations that change people’s lives now and for countless generations to come.

The impact of inspiration through excellence transcends all other possibilities I can come up with. It is really a virtue.

Now, it is sure that you are not among these great people, but do not despair. You can still become one if you dare. You still have a part to play to contribute to your society. It is a fact that, you seldom see when your excellent conducts inspire others, but I assure you, whatever you do with the best of your abilities, there is someone, somewhere who take notice and is deeply moved with what you do.

Do not wait for a praise or recognition. Do it because it is part of you. Do it because it is the right thing. Do it because it is worth doing. That is enough to change a soul. Practice excellence in all areas of your life, because you are an inspiration in someone’s life.

Remember, the world is not changed by superhumans who do extraordinary deeds, but a person like you has a great impact to shape the world. Do everything with all your abilities, aim for greatness in all you do, change your life and inspire those who look up to you. That is the best way to change the world.


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