Stand on the shoulders of giants

When the going gets tough, I seek refuge within me, but at times the problems escalate and my mind fails to work properly. During these moments, even the smallest problems seem insurmountable. I hardly focus. Instead, my unstable mind succumb to more problems.

It’s during this moment that I prefer to engage other people who harmoniously relate to me.  A few minutes into the discussion I could relieve myself of the load, clear my mind and feel much more like a human again.

I have noticed that a healthy and harmonious relationship with other people has not only therapeutic value, but it’s the basic foundation of how our lives are meant to be. Most things seem easier when two or more minds work on it than individuals. We prosper much easily and quicker as a team than as individuals.

It is certainly true that no individual has great powers without harmoniously availing herself of a group of like-minded people pursuing a  common purpose. We hardly succeed to our best as individuals. As a matter of fact, superman doesn’t exist in real life – but such a character can be virtually created in the mindset of those who know how to select the right people to harmoniously engage with.

The common but timeless idea of United we stand, divided we fall, finds use even in our most personal lives, every day. The more we engage others and collectively aim to serve them, the more we help ourselves. Every honest effort we put in helping others is reciprocated.

Are you choosing the right people?

Being around people isn’t a criteria that you’ll prosper beyond your wildest imaginations, but being around the right people does qualify as a criteria to prosper. I insist on the right people because it is a known fact that the people we share most of our precious time with highly contribute to either our success or failures in life. So the decision of who takes most of your time in life merits careful considerations, because it means either progress or failure and no middle ground.

Now, “right people” is quite a relative term and it certainly means differently for each of us. However, there are common  traits to the kinds of people who are considered right. Among many, they must be focused, success oriented, and positive minded people who see the need of others on their way to success. People who are selfless and able to help others when in need.

Take a quick look at politics, sports and other social arena. We always see that the ones who prosper are the ones who made the right choices for the people around them. They are surrounded by the best. They make a perfect, cohesive team. Their mindsets harmoniously contribute to the collective success of the group, not individuals – they think as a team.

This is what it means by standing on the shoulders of the giants. You don’t feel powerless by being weak and alone, but you feel invincible by knowing that the synergy formed by cooperating with other people lead to more significant changes than what you could have done individually for the entire lifetime.

Napoleon Hill in his classical book Think and Grow Rich described the Power of the Mastermind, and noted that, Power is the organized effort, sufficient to enable an individual to transmute desire into its monetary equivalent. BUT, the organized effort is produced through the coordination of efforts of two or more people who work toward a definite end, in spirit and harmony.

In a good team, it’s always a win-win situation. Everyone knows that you don’t win as an individual, but collectively as a team. This is how the world works. Choose wisely, because even simple choices tend to affect our lifes, no matter how small.

Stand on the shoulders of the Giants!

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