The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine

Routine-excellence-2In a recent past, after knowing that a pattern is what leads to success, I engaged into the pursuit to chart my patterns for success. I was certain that with clear patterns in place I could tell whether my goals were going to mature or not.

The first thing was to look into my past goals – both successful and unsuccessful ones. This process was simple because I frequently list down all my goals to keep a record and for future references.

To start with, I listed separetely all goals that were attained and others that were not. Being interested in the success pattern, I was looking at a goal that took a while to come to life and I could measure it, and that came down to my book. The book project was key because I had documented most of the processes spanning months when writing and conceptualizing ideas.

Then intense scrutinizing followed.

After the analysis it was clear that almost all successful goals were done routinely, and as you would expect, most of the failed goals were only done sporadically. To make it even better, I had to look for reasons why some goals were done consistently and some weren’t.

Here are the common characteristics for all successful goals:

      • They were realistic goals from my point of view
      • I was passionate with all of goals that I attained
      • I effortlessly performed tasks for the goals that were meaningful to me

These are key traits for any goal you need to set in your life. If you lack any of the above, then you’ll certainly never have the way to wake up and do the same thing every day, especially during the times when the goings get tougher.


“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” – Mike Murdock

Routine Is Crucial

To succeed, a routine is crucial. Routine is what builds the pattern in the mind. Successful people are just that – successful. They aren’t who they are on the outside, but what they become in the process of searching for success. Their minds become habituated to a pattern of success, and hence everything to them becomes successful.

Likewise, a successful pattern is what will make you conduct your duties effortlessly as if they are automatic.

For instance, you may notice that you’ll almost always do things the same way every day unless you take the initiatives to break the pattern in your mind. This is because that’s how the mind works – it creates a pattern from the routine. To get your goals done, do them every day.

Routine Is Passion

In my opinion, you can hardly take consistent action towards accomplishing a goal that doesn’t, at least, bring you occasional joy and happiness. Satisfaction comes when you know you are progressing towards attaining something that you are passionate about.

This is where I have to say, the goal you are pursuing must have a way to inspire you. The goal must bring a meaning to you and not others. This is explained in the previous post on How To Set Powerful Life Changing Goals.

Do something that resonates with you, something you love, that’s what a passion is all about.

Final Thoughts

Do you put so much efforts in one day for your goals?

Well, I am here to disappoint you that your sporadic efforts simply won’t lead to immediate success, but routine efforts certainly do.

Your efforts, if not intelligently channelled, seldom determine success. In my opinion, if you put so much efforts in taking action but hardly do it routinely, your efforts may be in vain at last. However, if you distribute the same efforts daily, success comes much faster.

Thus I can conclude, success isn’t a result of mere efforts you put into attaining a goal but the product of concentrated and planned efforts done routinely to achieve a goal.

When i was observing my list, I found that most goals were achieved almost effortlessly. This was a result of spreading my efforts in small chunks and perform tasks routinely. The goals that failed were done sporadically and I put so much efforts in attaining them, in the end, my persistence waned and I gave up.

You are the one who determine your success. If you really desire to achieve your goals, then a routine is the fastest route there.

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