A tale of grandma & I: When good intentions give wrong impressions

My grandma and I get along really well. She was always there to give a helping hand and support, through good and bad times. We lived under one roof for quite a long time during my childhood. I love her so much. Like any granny, it was fun spending time with her as a child. We argued and crossed each other a lot – I figure that’s love in disguise.

Now, loving someone entails finding ways to impress them. Make them happy. I bet you also do that.

We always try to impress our parents, friends, relatives, or grandparents. I wasn’t an exception. I tried so much to make an impression whenever I could – I cooked, I washed, I swept floors,and I also did laundry. Just to see that lovely lady smile. She would always return a lot of compliments. It made me feel happy as it touched my heart. That made me feel like I meant something to the world, which made me want to do more good stuff.

Now there was this one day that I committed to memory. It was a Saturday evening, I was 8 at the time. My granny had just retired from work, so she was mostly home. After my playful day with friends I went back home and sat down with her for a chat. It was almost time for a bath. Being in the olden days, there was no shower, no water heater. Simply put, none dared using electricity heating water for a bath – it was a luxury we couldn’t afford. Normally, we boiled water using a charcoal stove and then mix with cold water. Voila, there’s a sweet hot bath.

So, I decided to give her a treat – preparing some hot water. Just to make grandma happy, you know!

Luckily there was a burning stove with nothing on it. So I sneaked out to search for a container that could boil enough water. There were so many containers around – both metal and plastic. Most of them were too heavy to carry and they were all full. I decided to go for the smaller one, the one I could easily manage to carry.

I filled it with water and put it on the stove. BUT just before I could even let it free on a hot burning stove, I heard a loud outcry, don’t put the plastic basin on fireyou’ll ruin it!

Ooops, it was too late, for it was already melting. As a result, the very water extinguished the fire.

What was I to do? As you have guessed, I ran. Yes, I ran really fast that none could catch me.

Then, later I said to myself – all I ever wanted to do was make her happy!

But the very action of making her happy ruined it all.

Now, this isn’t something that happens only to me and my lovely grandma. It’s the type of things that happen every day, to every one. It’s when our very dear and good intentions go bad and hurt the very people we intended to make happy. Moreover, they fail to understand the motive behind our actions. I was very lucky indeed, we settled it the very day. She’s very forgiving. I might have borrowed a leaf from her 🙂 .

But you might not get so lucky.

That day taught me one thing – when something bad happens, figure out the motive behind. There’s always a good reason why people do things, even the ones resulting into negative outcomes. You probably have seen that yourself. Next time, before you get mad or angry, ask why they did that. Your very anger and sadness can transform into happiness.

There’s little you can do when your very best intentions are misinterpreted. But what do you do when someone’s good intentions on you give bad impressions?

Do you think before taking action? Do you even consider that perhaps it was for a good reason?

If we are capable of accidentally committing mistakes, then we must be very forgiving in our hearts when others do the same. They are just humans who are capable of the same mistakes. Being forgiving doesn’t only give you a chance to understand others, but it’s also a chance to accept and understand yourself better. If you can’t forgive others, how can you forgive yourself for the same mistake? For what can happen to us, can happen to any of us. And that’s part of being human.

Just remember, sometimes bad things happen when people try to make a good impression, and that’s okay because it’s also human.

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