Success in life needs no worries

Most of us are really stronger than we realize, we have a great potential to overcome our worries, fears and so many obstacles, regardless of how big and scary they are. That potential can help us lead a long, healthier, and happier life. However, the potential don’t just come from nowhere, we have to know how to tap into it consciously to use it in our daily life pursuits.

“If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

As I look into our habits and patterns as human beings, I can’t stop but constantly wonder, why do we love doing what hurts us? Even when we understand the consequences of our deliberate actions we hardly stop indulging into the very things that lead us to shipwreck.

Is it natural for us to love things which lead to our own demise?


We always worry about  – money, security, losing the love, attention, debts, more money, health, what we eat, tomorrow, what we wear, our impression on others, our credibilities, and so much more. Are these things worth it?

I understand that life is tough, harder and challenging enough, but those aren’t enough reasons to waste our lives over worries. In fact, you don’t need to worry at all, life is easier that way.

I have to say, for the past years I have gained enough experience to curb my own worries. But to get there, I had to worry so much about so many things.

I used to worry. I worried before exams. I worried after exams. I worried before the results. I worried before the job interviews. I worried after the interviews. In short, I worried all the time. The only moment I stopped worrying was when I was asleep, which is normal.

I remember in my last year of secondary education, we had to re-sit for the finals, the exams which were ongoing were nullified due to leakage – that was bad. I was filled with so many worries. The worries hindered me from doing my best preparations. In fact, I only worried at best and did little or nothing to overcome it. It was a tough moment to go through, painfully tough.

But all that came to pass. Now that I reflect on that moment I smile and wonder, what really made me worry so much?

However, to say the least, I am glad I went through that moment, for it has forever changed my perception of life. It has changed how I view things and the outcomes. There was once in life, I had nothing to hope for. Anything that seemed to shed some light into the brighter future would be a golden chance, and I clung to it – I was so much attached to the outcome that I never tolerated even the slightest deviations. That’s why whenever simple obstacles appeared, I worried.

But after a thorough observations, I then realized that worries are simply a thing of the past for me.

I have, since then, learnt that worries are nothing but lack of faith in what we do.

Worry Is A Lack Of Faith

When you have little or no faith, you are likely to be skeptical of achieving your goals in life. That’s the root of all worries. You worry if things will be as you wish. You worry if you are capable of realizing your plans. You worry about everything, even those outside your reach and influence.

Do you want to live a healthier and more meaningful life? Do you want to see your goals come to life?

If so, then avoid worrying when focusing on your desires, instead be confident. Worry creates the state of instability in the mind and deprives you of the capacity to focus. The lack of concentration lowers your powers to create enough positive emotions on the mind because you will jump from an idea to idea without giving any thought enough time for deeper considerations. Worry is a sign of lack of faith in both your abilities and desires.

In my opinion, I would better understand the value of fear, which at least brings us some significant positive values as I explained in my previous post on Why is fear important and how to gain power over it. But worry merits no chance in your life, because it is more destructive that you can imagine.

Have you wondered what does worries do to us? How does it affect our lives? What pattern does it create in us?

Let me take you there briefly,

Worry is a reccuring pattern

You have to understand, if you are a person who’s constantly worried, then you’ll always worry. It’s like how I always say, everything is a pattern – you are most likely to repeat what you do, unless you take stern measures to change that. If you worry, you are likely to indulge in it, guess what? You’ll be addicted to worry, even with petty stuff. In reality, most times we worry over petty issues.

Worry lead to health complications

According to some experts, and  how it was quoted in this post, worry leads to a lot of physical and mental stress. They listed a few issues like heart problems, headaches, fatigue and so many more. I hope I don’t need to emphasize on that.

Worry leads to procrastination

Ever seen someone who worry so much? Well, I have. They do what they do best, that is worry and nothing more. Worry incapacitates them from taking action. They normally end up doing nothing, well of course, than just worrying.

Worry is a barrier to your goals. It leads to regrets in the end.

How to stop worrying

In the book, How to Stop worrying and Start living, Dale Carnegie listed efficient and concrete steps to get rid of all sorts of worries. These simple steps were:

  1. Write down what you are worried about
  2. Write down what you can do about it
  3. Decide what you can do about it
  4. Start immediately to carry out that decision.

Practice these steps. I have to say, my worries are always gone the moment I reach the third step because then my mind calms down and I have a much wider knowledge of thing to do. I should say, it keeps me sane.

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