You can always quit, why quit now?

It’s always good learning from the past – both yours and those of others. Our pasts teach us a lot about our patterns towards success. If your past is filled with success, you can always replicate the same patterns to get ahead in the present and the future. If your past was filled with failures, then you can always learn new patterns to replace those unproductive patterns. Either way, the past must be a lesson well learned.

In the past, I was so much in a hurry and wanted things to happen as fast as they came into my mind. I wished I waved a magic wand and things magically appearred without any efforts, but that wasn’t the case.

Nonetheless, I was motivated and eager to follow through goals during the first days, but few days down the road when no results showed up, I was discouraged, my persistence waned, and I usually quit. Patience and persistence weren’t my strongest traits.

This was the trend – day after day – goal after goal.

I failed more times than I succeeded. Instead of taking time to learn and get better next time around, I discared the lessons and embarked on another goal, blindly. I was after quick gratifications, but nothing ever matured.

After going through personal growth, I learnt my mistakes and replaced most of those unproductive patterns with productive ones. Finally, this is what I learnt from my past.

Take one day at a time

Life is precious and we need to lead it one day at a time. We always worry and dread too much about the future and forget to enjoy the simple moments in the present.

Through time I have learnt that you should always focus on making today count.

Don’t dread for tomorrow while today is hardly done. Don’t plan anything for the future while you still lack efficiency to undertake your goals today. It is not any nobler planning to do more or better tomorrow while you hardly perfom at your best today, I simply call that procrastination.

Do every day, all that can be done that day, don’t leave anything for tomorrow and don’t do tomorrow’s work today. Just take one day at a time.

Narrow your choices

Choices are beguiling. In my opinion, choices derail us from our journey to ultimate success. Anytile we have choices, we go for easy ones and avoid those that lead to pain of growth. We love quick gratifications – that’s more human-like.

Once you narrow down your choices, you have little or no options to look up to. You’ll end up sticking to your goal. That’s what focus is all about.

So far I have learnt that, the people who breakthrough are the ones who had absolutely no choice but to follow through their goals, they single-mindedly focused and persisted through even in the hardest of time. In the end, they triumphed.

Have intrinsic motives

Quitting is easy if you are motivated by external factors to pursue it. If your reasons to follow through the goal are superficial, it is likely that you’ll quit in no time.

Money is an extrinsic motive, it works but only for a short time. For instance, when we take a job for the need of money, we’ll never be fully satisfied with it. In case another lucrative position opens up, we’ll be up and running chasing for it. These extrinsic motives make us pursue things that aren’t really what we desire, and whenever we find a better solution that promises quicker outcomes, we quit our original path, even if it was the right one. This wastes our time, energy and the spirit of persistence because we sense that we’re lost in the maze of paths that lead nowhere.

However, when we go for instrinsic motives like growth, sense of purpose, contributing into others’ lives, and experiencing daily joy and happiness from what we do, we tend to avoid quitting and stick much longer because our inner selves are much more content with what we do, which is much better.

Set goals that complement your instrinsic motives, and you’ll never quit, even in the face of hardships.

Final Thoughts

Quitting is an option but so is persistence. Working harder is an option but so is indolence. We always make these choices.

Whenever you want to quit, hold your thought and ask yourself – is my goal worth a shot? Can I hold on a bit longer just for today? As Robert Kiyosaki wrote, You can always quit so why quit now?

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