You need more than positive thinking

I first heard about the importance of positive thinking when I started the journey to personal development. The idea was immediately very intriguing and plausible. So I accepted it. It was the beginning of the change for the best. However, being a novice, it wasn’t a simple idea to grasp and put in practice at once. I had to go through a roller-coaster ride of filtering what was wrong and what was right.

Today, after years of experience with the attitude of positive thinking, I want to share with you what this actually means to me and how this positive ability made me stand my ground during the most troubling times.

Remember, no two journeys are the same in personal development. We all face different challenges in life. We all have different interpretations of our problems. But these ideas may apply in most cases.

1. It’s about being optimistic amidst challenges

Positive thinking is a philosophy of revamping your thoughts – from old negative thoughts to the positive empowering thoughts. It’s the first step in transformation towards a more conscious being. It’s about being optimistic even in the face of what seems to be insurmountable challenges. It’s not about burying your head in the sand and expect your problems to pass by. No, you have to face your problems, using a more positive approach which turn a problem to a more productive way to learn.

To solve problems more proactively, you have to move to a higher perspective than your challenges. That is, your mind has to consider broad range of choices – with a positive outlook. You have to look at it from a higher plane. That way your problems and challenges seem temporary as you focus more far in the future. Otherwise, even small challenges become permanent failures.

Being an optimist means you face challenges, big or small, with a very positive perspective. You keep your composure even amidst turmoil. You get to learn from your challenges and heed the lessons to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

2. Take action

One big problem facing most novices, like I was at the time, is that, they think all you have to do is train your mind to stay positive and think positive thoughts, then life will do the rest. If you think that way, I tell you that’s a wrong way!

I can assure you that, without taking appropriate action nothing is gonna mature. Action is a MUST, or else you are doomed to failure.

I understand that the first and most important thing to manifest our goals in our lives is our minds. Our minds are very powerful to acquire whatever we need in life. But the mind on its own cannot produce things from nothing. Your intervention is crucial. Mere thinking won’t deliver the results you desire. Likewise, action without proper mindset lead to weak results.

Thus, for best results, you must synchronize your thoughts and actions – that is your mind has to be present when you take the right action. Focus on the positive outcomes of your efforts, avoid worrying, thinking of failures, or shortcomings.

It’s a fact that ideas are always golden in our mind, but when it comes to action, we dread to do the right thing and hence procrastinate.

Imagine for a moment, you set a goal to improve yourself by reading everyday for 30 minutes for the next 30 days. This is an achievable goal if you accept in your mind that reading for 30 minutes every day can change your life. Then all you have to do is focus on the positive outcomes. See yourself a changed person in 30 days. Every time you take the right action, picture yourself a changed person mentally. Synchronizing the two – thoughts and action – will allow you to beat procrastination and easily reach your goal.

3. It’s about hope

Our lives are full of challenges, troubles, tribulations and things of the sort. That’s what makes life interesting. We grow by solving problems in our lives. We don’t grow by experiencing a period of unending happiness.

When you are in period of unending troubles, don’t call them failures. In fact, they aren’t failures. They are only challenges. Failure is a big word and rather demotivating. Challenges aren’t there to stay, they are just temporary. You’ll soon overcome them if you persist in your path. Sometimes all you need is to have high hopes that things will get better soon. Stand your ground and face whatever comes your way.

Nothing should worry you. Worry enslaves your precious mind. It incapacitates you. As a result, you can’t take action and failure is what awaits you. Hope is all that you need, even when your future seems vague and obscured, because as long as you are still alive, things will always get better. Keep the hope so high.

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